Chuck Rose

About Chuck

Chuck Rose 2018Chuck was born in Tennessee and raised in North Carolina. He started painting when he was 12 and his interest in modern art expanded and grew into an avocation when as a teenager he was introduced to works of Richard Diebenkorn, Franz Kline and Piet Mondrian. These foundational modern artists remain the source of Chuck's inspiration and enthusiasm to this very day.

Chuck is different from many modern artists in that he is not motivated by, or rarely works from, a subject matter. Chuck leaves it for the viewer to find in the painting a meaning or context, allowing the viewer to make that call.

For this reason Chuck leaves most of his pieces untitled. He shares with admirers of his art that his subject matter is more often than not the color itself; the medium, the tones and the mood that he chooses and how the colors are applied with texture and strokes.

Chuck notes that his creativity is often driven by a left brain, versus right brain constant battle resulting in a product that reflects both analytical thinking and creative impulse. As Chuck shares with his clients, "In my eyes the very best art has an imbalance, a non-analytical aspect where 2 plus 2 equals 5 . . . it equals more than the usual 4."